CHS ’87 + ’88 reunion 2013!

I cannot believe it’s been more than a month since we’ve posted! Busy start to the summer, I guess. We always have lots of food/wine/art festivals and other fun summer activities to keep us on the move this time of year.

Last night we returned from my high school reunion. It was held at the new Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort + Spa in Florida, and, just like the last one, it was unbelievable! My HS classmates never ever disappoint.

What made this one even better than the last were two things: Todd was with me :D — and, we combined with the class of ’88.

We arrived the evening before things were scheduled to start and it was really nice to kind of ease in to the weekend. Thursday night we walked a few doors down to Frenchy’s South Beach Cafe and had a really fun and yummy dinner on the patio watching the sunset. It was a real treat, and Todd had never been to Frenchy’s so it was fun to “indoctrinate” him. 

We had a stunning ocean-view room with a full kitchen, and we had a pool-side cabana for two days (highly recommended if you ever stay there!)

The first night was a cocktail party on the Sky Terrace – a rooftop deck.

reunion 062813 sky terrace

We enjoyed live music from our very own classmates Kevin Markunas, Larry Markunas, and Vince Parulli. They were awesome! We did sneak out for about an hour as it turned out that my cousin, Brent, was going to be at a bar just a few doors down from the Hyatt. That was a really nice last-minute surprise!

Saturday night was the more formal dinner in the ballroom. Vince was kind enough to DJ for us again this year and we danced and had an absolute blast. Lots of 80s music! Several people tried to teach me the air guitar and the consensus was, “Wow. You’re really bad at that.” But I had so much fun trying!

The after-party in Cliff Short’s massive suite was…um…well, let’s just say we finally stumbled back to our room at 3:00 a.m., and we were among the first to leave. ;)

We were so busy socializing the whole time we hardly took any photos, but here is one that a friend took. Once the official photos are released we’ll update with more.

reunion 062813

I’ve already volunteered to manage the social media again for the next one…less than 5 years and counting!

There’s no place like home

Lily with Santa 122512

After a week in Florida visiting my family, we’re all back home and under the same roof again tonight!

Shiloh stayed with her vet as we found out the day before we were leaving town that she had a respiratory infection, and Lily went road tripping with us and stayed at Happy Camper. She had a great time there (as reflected above) and yesterday we picked her up and took her to my dad’s with us for the night.

We think this week was probably a lot of firsts for her…first road trip, first time boarding and playing, first time meeting Santa, and possibly first family visit. She did great on all counts!

As great a time as we had visiting friends and family, it’s really nice to be back home and to be all together again. :)

Merry married Christmas!

This is our first Christmas together as a married couple!

We’ve had a fabulous time — festive, while also quiet and very relaxed :)  — with my family in Florida.

Christmas dinner table 2012

We’ve visited with friends and have also been able to spend some time with my brother, stepsister, parents, and grandmother, and we’ll be spending some time with my dad’s side of the family as well, before we head back home.

This would have been Addison’s first Christmas…thinking of her today…she’d have been crawling by now. How different our lives would have been! <3


Our digital wedding album

Many thanks to Jason Thrasher Photography for beautiful photos as well as lightening-speed turnaround!

We had a beautiful and very touching ceremony with Pastor Gary Arnold.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed our wedding!

Our wedding! 12.12.12

Proof that hard work DOES pay off!

Cartoon by Hugh MacLeod

I went to the gym today for an hour of strength-training and plyometrics with my trainer, and in passing as we were getting started I mentioned to her that I’d dropped three pounds (!!) Since I started this program less than a month ago I’d dropped a pound, gained five; and now I’ve lost three.

She was delighted and immediately ran to get the body fat measuring instrument.

Last week, when we took my measurements and body fat and put them up against my baseline (out of concern – on my part – that I was gaining weight) in less than three weeks I’d lost 3% body fat and 3 inches in my waist…and I’d lost about 1/4 inch overall everywhere else. All of the measurements and body fat loss assured us at that time that I was gaining pure lean muscle weight – which is one of my key goals.

So, upon learning that I was now dropping weight, she was eager measure my body fat % again.

And, I was down another 3.5%!! That is a loss of 6.5% body fat in just under a month.

I know I’ve been working very hard and was hoping to see a jump start in results rather quickly; I did not ever expected this. And I could not be happier!

And now, the bride in me is hoping that an equally rapid loss in both weight + inches will quickly follow! My trainers are pretty proud of  me — and themselves :)

I went in to this with rather lofty goals and I’m not sure they really realized just how serious I was or how hard I was willing to work. At times, I push them to push me.

And then, at times, I give them looks that make them say, “You hate me right now, don’t you?” I nod my head “yes” and they know I’m truly at my breaking point and I’m either about to cry or curse yell at them.

I’m still really new at this but I think it’s important to develop relationships like these with your trainer(s). When I go to the gym, I’m not there to mess around. I want to get in, get it done, push myself to my absolute limits (e.g. I am physically shaking and my limbs may as well be jelly by the end of my workout), and get on with my day.

This is not a social activity for me. I’m on a mission.

So, I am super excited about this progress!!

And now…vacation has officially started and we’re off to get ready for our weekend at The Lodge. :-)